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We are a digital media company based in the Midlands, offering a nationwide service.

The marketing world is a cluttered one.  It has become almost impossible to get noticed.  The leading brands are constantly fighting to win consumer loyalty and purchases.  The world is changing all the time.  As a marketing professional, are you changing with it?

LED advertising enables you stand out from the crowd.

You don’t need the latest research stats to realise that moving, colourful and engaging images are more eye-catching than traditional media (though we can provide the stats if you really want!).

That’s why Ad LED Media brings you exactly that.  We are solely dedicated to the world of LED advertising screens.  We don’t get sidetracked by also offering traditional billboards or even computer pop-ups and ads.  We could, but we don’t.  We prefer to specialise.  That’s because when you specialise, it means you can concentrate.  When you specialise, you can produce the best standards.  And when you specialise, it means that you can be most effective.  In the world of advertising, this is critical.

We offer you a range of LED screens, including mobile LED advertising vans as well as indoor and outdoor LED screens for exhibitions and large events, for example.  With each of these services, we offer you a tailor-made package.  Why?  Because we know that different brands have different requirements, target markets and budgets.  By providing this personalised service, we can understand what you are trying to achieve, in detail, so we can produce the most effective LED advertising together.  Ultimately, this partnership together is what makes our campaigns successful and is the reason why brands return to us time and time again to assist in their marketing portfolio of activities.

Work with the experts at Ad LED Media – you won’t be disappointed.

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