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Advertising in our modern world is cluttered.  So many companies are competing with each other to get their branding message seen.

Does this mean that traditional advertising methods such as print media & billboards are dead?  Well, not quite, but they soon will be.  Why?  Because we live in a digital world.  No longer do we find newspaper adverts eye-catching and, in fact, when was the last time you brought a newspaper?  We drive past the same billboard on our way to work every day and don’t even notice it.  After all, why would we?  It never changes and it’s now faded and peeling and – well – tired and boring.  And, yes instantly forgettable.

But that’s not to say that some digital advertising methods are a whole lot better.  Think of those advertising pop-ups which appear on your computer whilst you’re in the middle of something. Distracting and annoying?  Yes.

So, what’s the answer?

Quite simply, LED advertising is impossible to ignore.

Whether it’s a large outdoor LED screen or mobile LED adVan, the branding and messages are bright, colourful, dynamic and eye-catching, with special effects which immediately capture our interest and engage with us.

Some facts:
- LED signs can be seen from much further distance away than traditional static billboards
- adVans can be positioned to where and when your target audience is
- LED signs will increase your brand awareness by 86%
- You can expect an ROI of 150%+ with your targeted LED sign campaign.

Indoor Digital LED Screens

Ad LED Media Services

Trade shows and exhibitions are another area where marketing is key.  After all, you’ll have paid a significant amount of money to buy the space at your exhibition, and so you want to make sure that you make the most of it.  LED screens enable you to do this.  Place your brand message or video on the screen and you can be sure it will be enticing and eye-catching.  We will provide you with a bespoke quotation based on your size and duration requirements.

Outdoor Digital LED Screens

Ad LED Media Services

Perhaps you’re hosting a large event such as a horse racing festival, the cricket world cup or an outdoor music festival, for instance, and you need to hire a large LED screen both for advertising and to get certain key messages relayed to your visitors.  Our range of outdoor LED screens can be customised to your precise requirements – we will work with you to provide you with the size and resolution you need based on your requirements and budget.

Choose from our outstanding range of options below, finding the perfect for your advertising and event solutions;

DB10 Mobile LED Screen

Mobile Outdoor LED Screen Hire Company

Image 16/9: W3456 x H2400mm
Overall Length On The Road: 6140mm
Overall Weight When Installed: 3.5T
Overall Weight On The Road: 3.5T (without cab)
Overall Height On The Road: 2075mm
Resolution: 528 x 360px
Viewing Distance: Min 6m / Max 65-95m
Time For Installation: 30 mins

PRICE FROM £3,000.00 / DAY


DB16 Mobile LED Screen

Mobile Trailer LED Screen Hire Supplier

Coming soon...

PRICE FROM £3,000.00 / DAY

DB20 Mobile LED Screen

Screen Hire LED Company Outdoor Media Mobile Advertising LED Screen Rental Company

Image 16/9: W4800 x H3600mm
Overall Length On The Road: 8600mm
Overall Weight When Installed: 4.8T
Overall Weight On The Road: 4.8T (without cab)
Overall Height On The Road: 3420mm
Resolution: 600 x 400px
Viewing Distance: Min 8m / Max 85-164m
Time For Installation: 3 hours

PRICE FROM £3,000.00 / DAY


DB35 Mobile LED Screen

Mobile Advertising Screen LED  Corporate Branding LED Screen Rental Outdoors

Image 16/9: W6720 x H4800mm
Overall Length On The Road: 13,700mm
Overall Weight When Installed: 28T
Overall Weight On The Road: 28T (without cab)
Overall Height On The Road: 4008mm
Resolution: 840 x 600px
Viewing Distance: Min 8m / Max 150-195m
Time For Installation: 25 mins

PRICE FROM £3,000.00 / DAY

DB40 Mobile LED Screen

Large Outdoor Mobile LED Screen Rental Company Towable Trailer LED Screen Hire Company

Image 16/9: W7200 x H4800mm
Overall Length On The Road: 6140mm
Overall Weight When Installed: 18T
Overall Weight On The Road: 18T (without cab)
Overall Height On The Road: 4050mm
Resolution: 900 x 600px
Viewing Distance: Min 8m / Max 150-195m
Time For Installation: 45 mins

PRICE FROM £15,000.00 / DAY


DB50 Mobile LED Screen

Outdoor Events Digital Advertising Screen Hire Company Sports Event Large LED Digital Screen Rental Suppliers

Image 16/9: W7200 x H5200mm
Overall Length On The Road: 15,060mm
Overall Weight When Installed: 32T
Overall Weight On The Road: 32T (without cab)
Overall Height On The Road: 4300mm
Resolution: 900 x 650px
Viewing Distance: Min 8m / Max 180-220m
Time For Installation: 45 mins

PRICE FROM £15,000.00 / DAY

Mobile Digital adVans

Ad LED Media Services

We offer a range of LED vans, perfect for outdoor signage and gorilla marketing.  We can target large gatherings of people.  Some of the vans have fixed screens.  We also have a van with an LED screen on a hydraulic lift so that it can be raised up for extra visibility and prominence.

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